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All About Driving School Enrollment


Welcome to our driving school enrollment page. We are very pleased that you are interested in enrolling for driver’s education with All About Driving, Inc. There is an upcoming class scheduled on the dates shown “here”.

If the dates shown on our schedule are not a convenient time, you may contact David Webb directly at 910-624-0215 or 910-624-0113, also email at allaboutdriv@aol.com.

Please reference the linked schedule for available course schedules. Please let us know which session you have chosen to attend in order for us to reserve a seat in the proper time period.

Day            Date            Time            Day            Date            Time






During the thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction students will be involved in studies to include:

  • Learning from 18 chapters of the student driver text book and DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) Handbook which is available online at www.ncdot.gov/dmv/driver for prior preparation if you choose. You may also for your convince download here: DMV handbook
  • Viewing various driving related videos strongly emphasizing safety.
  • Homework assignments will include the collection of five published or electronic articles of current events related to driving situations. These may include proposals for highway improvements, traffic hazards, motor vehicle safety, accidents, and judicial actions relating to Department of Motor Vehicles, laws and regulations, etc.as well as some assignments from the student textbook.

Upon the completion of the classroom portion of the course, the six hours of student driving will be scheduled in two-hour increments according to birth dates. It is the student’s responsibility to note and keep appointments.


Please return the following items numbered  below by mail to:

All About Driving, Inc.

P.O. Box 322 Fayetteville, NC 28302


(1) Contract to be completed as highlighted and $50.00 deposit will hold a seat. The remaining cost is to be paid on the first day of class.  Download Contract Here

(2) Restricted Instruction Permit needs to be filled out and returned. Please note that section marked “A” should only be filled out. The student’s eyes will be checked by the DMV, not your eye doctor.   Download NC Restricted Instruction Permit Here

(3) Copy of Birth Certificate (can bring to class if objections to sending in the mail).

(4) Copy of the sessions you would like to attend that is referenced above with day, date, and time.


Please provide the student with money for lunch each day.

Thank you for visiting our driving school enrollment page. I will be looking forward to meeting you and expect we will have an enjoyable experience while learning.


David Webb

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