Driver Education


It is our hope that you learn and enjoy your experience through our driver education. It has been our experience that driver education may be the most informative and enjoyed course you ever complete and will remember it well into your adult life. Your very life and safety will depend on what you learn and practice in this course. In order to make this a positive experience for all students, there are a few guidelines that must be followed.

  • Respect must be demonstrated for instructors and students alike. This is demonstrated by refraining from any form of verbal or physical disrespect such as the use of foul language, inappropriate slogans on clothing, bare midriffs, short shorts, sagging pants, etc.
  • Disruptions, which prevent others from receiving the education for which the parents have invested, will not be tolerated. Monies will not be refunded for any student who is asked to remove themselves from the class due to disruptions of this kind.

In order to be respectful of our neighboring businesses please observe the following:

There is limited parking due to the other businesses in our building. Please drop off and pick up students as near to the beginning and ending class times as possible. Please try to leave parking spaces near the building for the elderly patients visiting next door. Students need to come directly to the classroom and not disturb the other occupants by running up or down stairs or being loud.

Breaks will be observed. Students can remain in the classroom or congregate at the end of our building but are not to leave the premises.

Lunch is normally purchased as a group based on a democratic vote and eaten on the premises. Drinks, bottled water, and snacks are available for purchase. There is no space to store foods in the refrigerator but feel free to bring a bag lunch if you prefer.

We are confident that you will enjoy your driver education with All About Driving.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration for others.

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