Documentation Required

Documentation required to be retained in the classroom folder for two years at the request and inspection by the Department of Motor Vehicles:

  1. Contract with All About Driving signed by student and parent or legal guardian.   Download Contract Here
  2. Limited Instructional Permit signed by student and parent or legal guardian.   Download NC Restricted Instruction Permit Here
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Reservation payment for the fee.

Upon completion of the thirty (30) hours of classroom sessions, the student is responsible for completing the following below assignments and place in classroom folder to be retained for two years by All About Driving, Inc at 2413 Robeson Street Fayetteville, NC.

(1) Read and answer an end of chapter test questions for Chapters 1 through 18 of the “Drive Right” textbook. With the exception of Chapter 15, only need to write Question number and answer.

Example: Chapter 1

Which of the following is part of the highway transportation system (HTS)?

(A) Vehicles

(B) People

(C) Roadways

(D) all of the above

Chapter 15 only, the requirement is to write out completely the question and answer. This chapter deals with drugs and alcohol. A total of six hours of the thirty classroom hours is dedicated to this subject through chapters, test questions, exam questions, video, and discussions.

(2) Bring in five (5) Current Event articles relating to the driving experience. This may be newspaper or magazine clippings, internet articles printed out, personal experiences written in an article format giving details such as who, what, when where or how. These research or articles are intended to help the student to learn about real-life events or situations dealing with driving. They may relate to car crashes, fatalities, laws, traffic patterns, and vehicle inspections, almost anything that will relate to the driving experience. Names need to be written on each article before placing in a folder.

(3) Classroom documentation worksheets relating to signs, traffic signals (name and date completed)

(4) Classroom documentation worksheets relating to vehicle parts and maintenance items (name and date completed)

(5) Final exam which will contain 125 questions from the NC DMV Handbook which can be found online at website “” and search for driver handbook

(6) Time Sheet recording dates and times of attendance totaling 30 hours (Name and date completed)

Please note that personal study notes are recommended to be kept and referenced during the year following the classroom and Behind the Wheel sessions.

Upon completion of these sessions and your 15th birthday, you may apply for NC Learners Permit. You will want to review also prior to returning to the DMV for the Road Test to obtain a Driver’s License along with the DMV Handbook.

Behind the Wheel, training will consist of three sessions, two hours each to be scheduled. Students are responsible for verifying date and times with parents. Appointments will be made with consideration to the oldest student first to enable them to get their permits as soon as possible.

We recommend that students complete these sessions just prior to their fifteenth birthday so that the information will be fresh in their memory at the time of the test at the DMV, but will accommodate the needs of the students and parents as best we can. Please notify us as soon as possible if appointments need to be changed. Bring classroom notes, sunglasses and closed toe shoes for driving.

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